The Winstrol Side Effects You Should Be Most Concerned About

The cold hard truth about steroids is the fact that every one of them has side effects. Winstrol is incredibly popular among both men and women given that it tends to have fewer side effects and that the majority of these are incredibly easy to mitigate. When side effects do appear, however, they are often cause for immediate action. Following are the Winstrol side effects that you should be most concerned with.

Dry Joint Sockets

In light of steroids that cause problems like liver toxicity and hypertension, dry joint sockets are a comparatively moderate issue – especially if you have a solid mitigation strategy. If you jump right onto your Winstrol cycle without first establishing a solid support plan, however, painful joints could wind up throwing your entire workout off track while making your life completely miserable. To offset this issue, start taking fish oil or cod liver oil along with glucosamine. Glucosamine promotes good joint health while fatty oils will keep the joints comfortable and lubricated. You can also load up on foods that fight joint inflammation like pineapple, garlic and ginger.


Feminization is rarely a problem with Winstrol, especially when it’s used by men as a standalone agent for cutting. Women, however, have to be careful to watch out for any and all signs of masculinization. Although it’s not uncommon for women to experience menstrual irregularity when using anabolic steroids, a total cessation of the menstrual cycle is definitely cause for concern. This is especially true when this is paired with noticeable decreases in breast tissue or changes in the structure and appearance of the jaw. There is no easy way to mitigate the potential for masculinization apart for implementing a very moderate Winstrol dose from the outset. When problems like these do occur, ladies should cut their doses immediately or stop using Winstrol outright.