Prohomones A Highly Debated Drug

When it comes to steroids, both legal and illegal, there may be none that have been debated more heavily than prohormones. They are also one of the newest steroids on the market. The first time you probably heard of them is when famous baseball slugger was caught using them during his quest to set the single-season home run record. The prohormone steroid was actually legal at the time. Some doctors and athletes still find ways to keep it legal today through loopholes. The FDA finally made them completely illegal just a few years ago in 2014.

What Are They?

Pro hormones aren’t actually steroids. They are precursors to anabolic steroids. Being precursors means that they are basically converted and used as anabolic steroids once they are in the human body. If you are taking these supplements, be sure that they are actually a prohormone and not just an anabolic steroid that is labeled as a prohormone. One common example of this is Superdrol.

While prohormones are similar to anabolic steroids, their positive benefits are not nearly as drastic as traditional anabolic steroids. This is why they were considered safer and were legal longer than other anabolic steroids. They went under the radar for a long time until the Major League Baseball scandal brought them into the spotlight in the 1990s.

The Benefits of Legal Prohormones

When obtained legally, a pro hormone provide bodybuilders and athletes with a lot of benefits, especially when they are part of a stack. Because they are a pre-anabolic steroid, the strongest prohormones with have benefits similar to those of anabolic steroids. They can be used by athletes or prescribed to patients by doctors for their therapeutic or medical benefits. Doctors commonly prescribe the drug to patients when they are in recovery from surgery to help stave off infection and other illnesses. It can also help a patient sleep better and help with mood swings.

Like anabolic steroids, they can help a bodybuilder as either part of a cutting or bulking stack, although they are more often used in cutting stacks because of anabolic steroid’s ability to help retain lean muscle mass while simultaneously burning off fat. If you buy prohormones online, you might also use them to help with endurance and strength during athletic competition.

Another reason people choose prohormones over traditional steroids is because they are cheaper and less damaging than traditional steroids. This makes them valuable as part of a stack. It also means that the side effects aren’t going to be as bad as when taking a traditional anabolic steroid.

According to prohormone reviews, the drug does have its drawbacks as well. For some people, they won’t be very effective at all. Each person reacts to every drug differently. It is mostly effective on men who are over the age of 40 because their bodies don’t naturally create some of the hormones that are included in the substance. On a younger man, even the strongest prohormone might not work. The less testosterone your body is naturally creating, the more of an effect this drug will have.