What Is HGH Steroid?

HGH is a rage in both the dieting and athletic performance circles today, but its roots date back to the late 19th century up to the 1950’s.   That’s when scientists first realized that growth hormones could be used to stimulate the pituitary gland, which is the part of the body that generates this hormone and often the part of the body deficient in this hormone which requires therapy to boost its levels in the body.  Early studies were done with hormone deficient children and it was in the 1950’s when it was successfully isolated from the pituitary gland and this was extensively used as therapy for various growth deficiencies right up until the mid 1980’s.  That’s when the explosion began and Human Growth Hormone steroids hit the marketplace and the market has never looked back.

One can now buy Human Growth Hormone in many markets and especially now it’s very prevalent to be able to buy Human Growth Hormone online.   There’s still a lot of skepticism by many on whether there are any positive effects of Human Growth Hormone supplements, or if these are really myths dressed up in great marketing campaigns.   Some of the articles found for Human Growth Hormone online shed some light into real experiences with Human Growth Hormone pills, but these might not be the best sources to cite since it’s well-known that to achieve the full effects of HGH you will need to use the injectable form as you search for HGH for sale.   HGH pills are digested in the stomach before they can hit the body, so it’s important to try to find the purest form, which is the injectable form.

Once you find Human Growth Hormone for sale in its purest form, you should be sure to find out its source and make sure that it really is pure, otherwise seek it out from your doctor.   Although the FDA doesn’t condone its use for anything other than treating severe pituitary glandular issues, it does have a dual purpose for the athlete and dieter, which is really a case by case basis per individual on how effective it can be.

The great marketing agencies who push forward the notions of how HGH can help reverse the effects of aging, help the body with sleep and memory and vision, repair muscle tissue and burn away fat stores, increase the sex drive and provide for fuller and more lively hair are citing these great stories from individuals across the spectrum of the population.   Some have found great improvements in sleep and memory, some have found fantastic increases in physical power and energy and some have found that they feel great and their sex drives have increases substantially.

Being aware of the side effects after you buy HGH is important too.  It may cause symptoms around joint pain and stiffness of soreness of muscles.  It’s been known to cause water retention and some bloating around the extremities.  It’s also been known to cause a carpal-tunnel symptoms.   If any of these symptoms appear, you should seriously consider dropping its use.