Beginners Guide To Anadrol Steroid


Anadrol was the name given to the anabolic steroid Oxymetholone. The steroid was created in the 1960s and was made to tackle diseases like anemia, muscle wasting due to HIV or AIDS and osteoporosis. Though the drug is still used in medical fields, the most common use of the drug is in bodybuilding.


Anadrol requires daily administration as the drug has a life of about 16 hours. Most individuals will find a daily dose of 50mg for a period or cycle of 4-6 weeks to produce excellent results. The anabolic steroid can only be taken in tablet form and it is unsafe to continue administration beyond the 6 weeks cycle as this can have severe side effects. Anadrol tablets of 100mg can be administered if there are no side effects to taking the 50mg.


Anadrol 50 is a very potent anabolic steroid and its result on the body is rapid and easily seen. It is three times stronger than testosterone-based anabolic steroids. The following are some of the benefits of the drug:

1. Huge Mass Gain: Anadrol pills can help the bodybuilder put on weight gains of 20 — 30 pounds in a 4 – 6 weeks cycle.
2. Significant increase in strength: Adrol, as it is popularly called on the streets can greatly increase strength with study showing up to 40 pounds increase in compound lift. This is why Adrol pills are taken by weight lifters when a competition is close.
3. Soothes joint pains: Though Oxymetholone is more popularly known for muscle mass creation and strength, the drug also has anti-inflammatory properties that give the joints a lubricated feel and reduce joint pains.
4. Increase in appetite: As the drug aids in gaining weight and muscles, it is only normal that it will also increase the food intake and appetite of the body.


Anadrol steroid is a very potent anabolic steroid and as such overdose or more administration of the drug can have harmful effects. Some side effects are:
1. Dangerous to the liver: As Adrol 50 comes in tablet form, it passes through the liver. The drug can damage the liver when used extensively.
2. Virilization: The drug causes women to have male characteristics like facial hair growth, increased body hair and a deeper sounding voice.
3. Hair loss: There can be degradation of hair follicles which leads to hair loss.
4. Acne: Acne growth and rashes over the body.
5. Heart diseases: Use of Anadrol steroids can cause cardiovascular diseases as it increases the production of LDL cholesterol which is harmful to the body.


It is an effective and quick way to bulk up and add weight. Getting to buy Anadrol 50 online is simple but one has to be careful. The risk of being scammed is higher as many shops sell contaminated or fake anabolic steroids. You can also see Anadrol for sale at gyms and fitness centers but there is no guarantee of the authenticity. So when you buy make sure it’s from a reputable shop.