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Most Common Problems

#1 People fail to read the unsubscribe instructions in the newsletter and attempt to unsubscribe by replying to the address that they receive newsletter from. Although we attempt to catch these emails, most of the time they get lost in cyberspace. 

#2 People unsubscribe from wrong email address. The email you sent to unsubscribe must come from the email address you signed up under. If you send an email from yourname@msn.com and you signed up under yourname@hotmail.com, the computer software program looks for the address in the email it receives. It will return you a note saying it didn't find yourname@msn.com as a subscriber. The simplest cure is to send an email from the account you signed up under or you may sent and email to majordomo@net153.com and in the MESSAGE BODY put: unsubscribe  newsletter name and the email address you signed up under.

Note: Occasionally Internet Providers change addresses -- like MSN started their email service giving people name@email.msn.com and then dropped email making it name@msn.com. This drives everyone crazy but you can correct this by following the above cure.

#3 Misspelling the word unsubscribe.

If all else fails

If everything else fail, you can request we manually remove you. Please note that manual removal can take up to 10 working days (Mon - Fri except holidays). Drop us a line at help@net153.com and be sure to list in the message body the newsletter(s) and email address you think you signed up under in the message body. In the subject box put (Please Remove). 

We want you experience with Net 153 Publications to be a good one. It is not our intention to send you newsletters or email you do not wish to receive. We attempt to make unsubscribing as painless as possible. 

How to Unsubscribe from Net 153 Christian Magazine and the Informer

Because Net 153 Online Christian Magazine is free, we ask that subscribers allow us to occasionally send them updates and special offers through the Informer E-Mail Newsletter. If you do not wish to receive the Informer, you may cancel your subscription to Net 153 Online Christian Magazine by Clicking Here and following the Instructions.

If all else fails Click Here!

How to Cancel Your Subscription to
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You will need access your Paypal account and cancel subscription.

If all else fails contact sales@net153.com and put "Help Pulpit" in the subject box.


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