Sermon Illustrations and Stories from Net 153 Publications and Pastor Jim

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A great resource for pastors and Bible teachers with sermon outlines, illustrations, sermons and much more. 
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Get 89 of our "Ready to Use" sermon outlines are waiting to be adapted to your pulpit or classroom. Most of these outlines come with bulletin/worksheet inserts ready to use. Look at what is offered:

The Ten Commandments -- 10 Outlines 
By the Book Basics Part I (4 -- Outlines)
Night Songs (3 - Outlines)
Romans Part One (18 Outlines)
God's Great Promise (5 sermon outlines)
Church Problems (4 Outlines)
Path to Victory Series (4 Outlines) 
Part I & II of Fabulous Flops and Flourishing Flames of Faith
Lord of Miracles Series (10 Outlines)
Dilemmas of this Decade (4 Outlines)
Stewardship -- (4 Outlines)
Eight (8) Sermon Outlines from 1 John 
Seven Sermon Outlines on the Home 

Plus! We’ll also include:
* 6 Screensavers exclusively from Net 153 Publications.
* Over 40 e-books! Including 12 Volumes of Classical Sermons 
* A great little ad-ware/spyware remover
* 10 One of Kind Puzzles just for Fun

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